"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it" -Robert Swan

Let's all be more Earth Kind

With increasing urgency on environmental change it is our responsibility as a collective and as individuals to play our part in healing and protecting our planet. 

There is undoubtedly irreversable damage already done to both environment and wildlife. But there is still hope that we can reverse some of the damage and protect from future damage.

And there is no one else but us that can make the changes need in order to have a planet that thrives instead of dies.

And that is why Leaf & Lake Co has spent time doing research and creating products that don't compromise on some of the environmental values and beliefs whilst bringing you wax melts that you can not only enjoy but feel comfortable using.


Leaf & Lake Co efforts

  • Leaf & Lake Co uses a 100% natural, completely sustainable and biodegradable wax (see the reasoning behind chosing this wax over others) that is free from paraffin, soy and palm. Meaning the ingredients used in your products have not contributed towards deforestation.
  • Recyclable/Reusable postage box. 
  • 100% natural starch packing peanuts. Which can be reused, recycled or simply dissolved away with water without putting any nasty chemicals into the waterways.
  • Vegan & Animal cruelty free fragrances (and wax)
  • Room spray containers are made using recycled material and can also be recycled once used.
  • A website host which is passionate about climate change and is active in playing their part in making a change. Which in turn makes my website more greener to have and use. You can view more on their efforts here

Future plans

Leaf & Lake Co still has areas which require improvement. And will continuously strive to be able to be a more eco friendly business and make a difference by joining a scheme which impacts global environmental change. However, being a small independant brand means that progress won't be instantaneous. Please bear with us as we gradualy make those important changes and perhaps inspire you to join in and fight for a planet that can't protect itself.