Seasonal Guide

Accentuate throughout the Seasons

Harness the Seasons and bring some of their character into your home. Create a seamless blend between outdoors and indoors.

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Florals are a must for channeling the season of Spring. Greenery is also a great scent note to look out for when buying wax melts for Spring. Airy scents which will give a clean and fresh vibe such as laundry type fragrances are ideal for that crisp Spring vibe.

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Aquatic and fruity scents work perfectly for Summer. Strawberries, Pineapple, Lemon, Lime are front runners on the fruit front. If you prefer a more playful Summer feel then choose thematic sweet scents such as 'Blue Raspberry Slushie' or 'Seaside Breeze'

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It's all about the pumpkin and the spices for Autumn. Cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg, clove, pumpkin and vanilla. Warm and cozy will get you into the fall feeling. 

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Winter gives you two roads. Crisp and fresh or cozy and warm. For the more crisp option then look out for notes of pine, aldehydes, mint and woodsy notes too. For a more warming feel then choose scents which boast spice, clove, sweet orange and cinnamon. 

Put Spotlight on Seasonal Occasions

There is a whole world of home fragrance options when it comes to acknowledging holidays, events and occasions throughout the year. Thematic wax melts, and shapes, are very popular when it comes to highlighting certain times of the year. 

Not to mention that celebrating with the use of fragrance helps embed memories. Read about the Science of scent here

Take inspiration from these popular annual events for us all and see what scent notes you should look out for in your fragrance when choosing your wax melts.

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For birthday, harness the fun and celebration by going bold and sweet. Sugary vanilla, musks and juicy fruits are a good starting place.

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Valentines Day

Feminine and luxurious for this holiday. Choose to capture the romance by using wax melts that have rose in them. But don't forget you can try chocolate too for that sweetness.

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Falling in the Autumn, Halloween is your chance to use some thematic wax melts to really shine spotlight on the spooky season. Leaf & Lake Co makes Halloween specific melts which can venture out of the traditional 'pumpkin spice' of Autumn, which can be refreshing. Sweet berries and powdery musks slot well into Halloween.

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Stay traditional when it comes to celebrating Christmas. Pine, spiced orange, cinnamon, sweet cranberry, clove, mulled wine are truly going to get you in the festive spirit.

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Mothers Day

Florals are a must for Mothers day. But you can incorporate gentle fruits such as peach and apricot too to help elevate the scent.

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Fathers Day

Agave, cacoa, bergamot, spiced notes such as black pepper and ginger are all great for keeping the fathers day celebration masculine. Don't be scared to try something with alcoholic notes such as cognac or the musky base of tobacco for a more mature feel.

Learn about the magic and importance of fragrance via the Leaf & Lake Co 'Scent Stories' . Where people share their personal bond with fragrance and what it means to them. And if you have one of your own then please get intouch and share it.

There is a very real and strong power in fragrance. And Leaf & Lake Co have a deep rooted passion in sharing that and bringing awareness to the strong force that is so often carried within home fragrance and how it can connect people, cement moments, evoke memories and benefit the mind.

Leaf & Lake Co has a seasonal section whereby there are often thematic wax melts in a variety of shapes and scents to amplify an occasion, season or event. Be sure to check them out. Plus, you may grab a bargain as 'out of season' products are often reduced.


Scent is open to interpretation. Any fragrance will be suitable. These guides serve as suggestion only.