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Do you want to share your scent story and be in with a chance of being featured on the Leaf & Lake Co website?

Inspire others to embark on and embrace their own scent journey by detailing what fragrance has meant to you and how it has impacted your life.

It's a straight forward process that just requires a little of your time. 

I would love to shine a spotlight on your fond memories and for others to share in the same delight by reading them.

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Maybe you have a particular fondness for that delicate peony and rose fragrance because it makes you think of your wedding day and the beautiful fragrant flowers you had.

Maybe you enjoy the scent of warm and rustic cedar with hints of woodsmoke and sweet creamy marshmallow because it transports you back to that trip you went on as a child with your parents to a secluded cabin in the forest.

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Get a glimpse into other peoples memories and how scent plays an important role in their story. And be inspired to share your own.

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Please try and be descriptive as possible when it comes to your thoughts and emotions about a scent and it's link to the memory you cherish or the purpose you use it for.

I have provided some examples to help

  • I went on a camping trip once with a group of friends. It was Summer and the sun was setting. There was a warm breeze and we all sat gathered around the fire we made on the nearby beach. I remember the smell of the smoke and the salt in the sea air. We were drinking wine and all having a blast together. We were young and didn't have any heavy responsibilities in life. We were care free I guess you could say. I am reminded of this time whenever I use any scent which contains sea salt in especially. So whenever I see a fragrance which has that in, I buy it and just know I am going to have a nice time remembering that trip with my friends.
  • I suffer alot with anxiety. And am often fidgety and on edge. During times where my anxiety is particularly high I seem to gravitate towards cleaning. It helps distract me and I feel accomplished afterwards. And quite often feel that I have burned off alot of the anxious energy in doing so. I like to use Lemon scented cleaning products because it helps me focus and seems to calm me down. I am thankful for the relief that lemon fragrance brings me and would recommend it to anyone else suffering from anxiety too.

Of course, we are going to discuss your own personal experience and the blog post will be composed by me, using your words to help convey your scent story. Please only contact me with your story if you are comfortable with it being put online and shared with others.

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