Scent Inspiration

The uses of fragrance within our lives have a multitude of purposes. From making something smell good to helping you sleep, there are many ways in which fragrance can benefit you. Explore some of the most popular fragrance-related uses and benefts today, so you can decide on what type of fragrance would work best for you in your Leaf & Lake Co wax melts.


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Create Ambiance

Having the right atmosphere can make or break a space. Especially if you are socializing in it. Creating the right ambiance can be essential for giving off the right tone for your space.

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Embed Memories

Unfortunately we don't have the power to stop time to truly appreciate the magic of a moment. But what we do have is the power to help those cherished moments stick in the mind. Or, likewise recall past memories.

If you are looking to make a lasting impact or remember the past then due to it's evokative powers then try using fragrance.

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Influencing Mood

Whether you're feeling down in the dumps or need a little kick to get you moving, fragrances are the perfect way to set the tone and help influence your mood in a more suitable direction so you can get those tasks done.

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Make it Original

Have you noticed that every home has it's own fragrance? This is what's called 'Occupant Odour' and yes, it's a real thing. It's a combination of the smells from foods, perfumes, candles, cleaning products etc. All combined to make your own unique 'home scent'

Steer your 'home scent' to leave a positive lasting impression on friends and family by using Leaf & Lake Co wax melts. 

There really is no place like home. And you should take advantage of every opportunity to make your home unique to you. 

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Style Enhancer

Use fragrance to help make your home a reflection of your personality and style. Bring the heart of your home to life.

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Colour Co-ordinate

Did you know that there is a psychology behind colours? Some organisations specifically choose a colour for it's ability to subconciously influence a mood. For example, green enocourages calm. 

Double down on the colour of your home decor and add wax melts with a fragrance that will compliment your colour scheme. 

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Embracing the Season

Much like the Seasons change throughout the year it is often popular to change your wax melt scents to be inkeeping with the time of year. 

Think outside the box and beyond Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and incorporate other holidays throughout the year into your home fragrance.

Here's an inspo guide to get you started

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Boost the Room

Along with scent being able to be paired with the style of a room have you ever considered to take into account the room itself? 

If you want to maximize your home decor then study the purpose of the space and what is it used for.

To give you ideas on how best to fragrance each room here is a reference guide.

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Finishing Touch

Cleaning is an act of love. You're caring for your home, your family, and yourself by giving it the care it deserves. Scents are an important part of the process.

If you aren't using scent as a finishing touch to your cleaning routine then give it a go and see the difference it makes. 

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