Scent Breakdown

One of the most popular online search questions for wax melt users is 'Where can I buy strong wax melts?' or simply 'Strong wax melts'. Even within online wax melt groups there is frequently a post from someone looking for melts with a 'must be strong' requirement. One of the most asked questions I get asked from both existing and potential customers is regarding the strength of a scent. Whether that be them asking which is the strongest scent? or them saying they prefer strong scents. I always dread getting asked this question because everyones sense of smell and perception differs. What I may think is strong, you may not and visa versa. 

Breaking down a scent make up.

This handy scent breakdown guide will help you gain an understanding of what makes a scent and what to look out for within fragrance descriptions for a scent that will work best for you. 


These are the notes that you will initially smell. They are the ones that give the first impression.

*Popular top notes are citrusy, fruity, herby.


Middle notes of a scent are what is considered the 'core' or the 'heart' of a fragrance. 

*Popular middle notes are floral, creamy, sweet.


Base notes are the ones that bring longevity to a scent.

*Popular base notes are musky, woodsy, spicy.

A 'strong scent' recommendation is hard to answer when there are different ways a fragrance could be determined as 'strong'

If you are seeking that instant 'blast' of a scent then you want to look for a fragrance with alot of 'top notes'. Since top notes are the first you smell these are the ones that will give that quick impact that most people look for with a home fragrance. Alot of perfume/aftershaves in stores are designed with 'quick impact' in mind, because they want to sell them so they need to make a good first impression. As such you may find perfume/aftershave or other 'dupes' are what you would prefer. As those generally have the most 'top notes' in the make up. However, with these 'top note' heavy scents it's important to note that with all fragrances whilst the 'top notes' are the first impression notes they are also the first to evaporate off within a scent. Leaving the middle and base notes to carry the rest of the way. If you are someone who defines a 'strong scent' as one that lasts a while then you want to focus on the 'base notes' in a fragrance as these are the ones that provide longevity and are last to evaporate away. 

A complex fragrance features a multi-layered make up. Usually this results in a scent which has well balanced notes in each layer and will provide both a strong throw aswell as being long lasting.



*Popular notes listed aren't exhaustive