Mood Influencing Guide

Choose your direction

For many many years fragrance has been used to influence mood. When using natural fragrances only, this is called 'Aromatherapy' but when dealing with scents that are synthetic in nature, which Leaf & Lake Co does, this is termed 'Aromachology' and studies continue to this day to learn how fragrances around us interact with our mind and body.

Each and every day we are subjected to countless scents, and not all pleasant! Whether it be the warm, roasted notes of fresh brewed coffee or the thick, dirty musk smell of vehicles as you walk down the street. We don't have much control over the scents which are exposed to and each scent has an effect on you and your mood. Which is why, at home, Leaf & Lake Co enourages you to use wax melts. Not only will you have the power to choose the fragrance that you relax at home in but you can also take the opportunity to direct your mood to where you want it to be.

Take a look at the handy guide below to see what direction certain scent types steer your mood in.


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Lavendar has an almost instant relaxing effect on the mind. But if you aren't a fan then try a wax melt that has notes of chamomile, rosemary or ylang ylang.

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Mental Fatigue

If you're stuggling with feeling mentally drained then try a wax melt with cinnamon notes. Or, alternatively you can give a boost by using mint, especially peppermint.

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One of the most common scents that are associated with happiness is Vanilla. It has comforting properties and will make you feel happier. Other notes to consider trying are floral and citrus in your home fragrance.

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When trying to direct your mood to be more focused you definitely want to use something citrusy in your wax melter. Notes like lemon, grapefruit, orange and so on will invigorate the senses and make you feel more focused. 

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The front runner for a scent that will make your mood head in the romance direction is of course Rose. Why? Because we all associate love with roses. Other wax melt scents to consider are musky ones such as sandalwood, amber or patchouli can even make you feel more romantic.

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Simiar to being focused you want to use home fragrance that is high in citrus notes. Tropical scents can also be beneficial to making you feel more energized too. And rosemary has a great link to making your mood more energized and uplifted.

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The number one for inducing a calming mood is lavendar. You want to have wax melts on that aren't too complex or harsh. Stay within the 'natural' boundaries such as jasmine, clary sage and lemon. 

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Confidence Boost

Aspiring for a confidence boost in mood you want to use scents that can manipulate your emotions to counterbalance negative emotions. Bergamot is a great scent to have on in your wax melter due to it's ability to reduce emotions of frustration or anger. Sandalwood notes in a scent encourage comfort and tranquility. Citrus scents should also be considered.

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Being playful is a youthful trait. And so it's natural that scents linked to this are recommended. Think sweet, bold and creative. Sugary type notes of lollipops or candy floss will make your mood feel more playful. Don't overlook combination scents when you want to be more playful. Scents such as 'Seaside Memories' or 'Tropical Getaway' could be just the solution for you.

This guide serves as recommendation only. It is not guaranteed to make your mood change but science shows that fragrance can help our mood and that by using certain types of scents in our home we can increase chances of mood manipulation. 

Using wax melts and having fun with your home fragrance is a great way to make your environment at home personal to you. A space where you feel happy, content, safe and comfortable. Start your home fragrance journey and load your cart full of long lasting wax melts and see how the different scents impact you.