Room Scent Guide

Boost your space

Each room in your home serves a purpose. We maticulously choose each element of the interior design from paint colour right through to the smaller details like drawer handles, because we want to make it feel like 'home' but why stop there? There is a whole space left to customize in each room. And that space is the air. Fill it with beautiful, long lasting fragrance to add that 'finishing touch'

This reference guide can help you look at rooms of your home and give you direction on what scents can bring each room together.

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The key thing to have in a bathroom fragrance is freshness. While it's common to gravitate towards citrus for their zingy notes also consider fresh scents like mint or fragrances with aquatic notes to pair well.

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Kitchens can be a hard place to fragrance since there is generally a battle of scents in the air anyways. It's best to stick to food/drink type scents when it comes to the kitchen area. Having a scent with bold notes such as leather for example, can really throw the room off.

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Living Room

If you have a small/medium living room then capitalize on that and opt for warmer scents like Vanilla, tonka bean and musky type notes. It will really make the space feel cozy and inviting. If you have a large living room which boasts lots of space then channel that and use scents which are fresh and uplifting to maintain that open feel.

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This is a place where you can really venture off to almost any kind of fragrance you like. It's a personal space. So make it whatever you feel like. But as a guide, scents which are in the family of clean cotton or fresh linen work amazing for a bedroom. To enduce calm and relaxation perhaps try lavender, rosemary or chamomile.

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A part of the home which is often overlooked but can actually be a really good location for placing your wax melter (make sure it's never left alone or out of view though!). Often being the pass through space of a home it gets high traffic. Keep this area filled with fresh citrus for best results since it will travel to multiple other rooms.

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Guest Room

Delicate is the way to go for using a wax melt in a guest room. Subtle florals such as cherry blossoms, fressia or lavender are perfect. Or, like with any bedroom it's always a winner for clean cotton and fresh linen type scents.

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A place where you want to be creative, alert and productive. Use zingy citrus fragrances in your office to keep the space light and uplifting.

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Dressing Room

Opt for masculine or feminine for your dressing room. Depending on which you prefer. If feminine then soft musks, sweet fruits and effervescent champagne notes can be ideal. If masculine then spicey, woodsy notes are best. Think black pepper, cardamom, tonka bean and cedarwood.

Interested in Style?

Check out the style enhancer guide to see recommendations for pairing your home decor with a fragrance. 

All guides are as suggestions only. Any scent is suitable for all room types. All scent interpretation is subjective.