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Introducing the bits tub: a lidded tub and mini scoop to make your wax melter melting experience easy and hassle-free. The bits tub is a must-have for both newcomers and seasoned wax melters looking for an efficient way to measure and melt just the right amount of their favourite fragrance.

Additionally, Leaf & Lake Co 'Bits' are a fantastic option add to hampers or to give as gifts to teachers, friends & family or anyone else you think deserves a treat, Including yourself!

And do you want to know the best part? They are completely plastic free! So you can buy, gift or use with peace of mind. 

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'Bits' tub contents may differ in appearance from those pictured.

Weights detailed are approximate. But generally you will always receive more than mentioned.

Some 'Bits' are seasonal and only around for a short time and limited quantity.

Not all scents on the fragrance list are available in 'Bits'. Likewise, some scents may only be available in 'Bits' and not any other product on the website. 

Please be aware that 'Bits' wax pieces may not all be uniform in shape or size.