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Create the perfect party atmosphere with a burst of lemonade & lollipops. 

Set the scene at Christmas and fill your space with the scent of fresh pine, clove and spiced orange.

Whatever the situation or reason there are scents suitable for everyone. Have a browse and see which one suits you best. 

Have instant scent swirl around your room with Leaf & Lake Co room sprays.

Perfect for pairing with Leaf & Lake Co wax melts and snap bars for an extra hit of scent. 

Made using premium ingredients which allow the fragrance to mix completey in the bottle for a more consistent final product/result and all compatible with the scents on the fragrance list too.

And apart from the fragrance there is something else amazing about the room sprays. The bottle is recyclable! 

Products In This Category:

-Shake bottle before use

-Spray approx 3-6 sprays in the air

-Not a beauty product. Do not use on any part of the body.

-Do not use on fabrics, varnished/polished/painted surfaces

-This is a room spray only, not intended for direct use on any person/surface

-Bottle is recyclable, please dispose of it in your own or local plastic recycle bin

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