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Whether it be Christmas, Halloween, Valentines or other seaonal holiday there is all the reasons to go all out and take the holidays to the next level and add a themed shaped melt to your collection. 

Imagine, it's halloween. The jet black night sky blankets the town, you hear the distant sound of feet running up and down the street from excited children doing their annual rounds to collect the most loot. Your neighbourhood has really got into the spirit with many a carved pumpkin proudly displayed in windows and on front steps. You yourself have really embraced the frightning festivities. You are dressed as a witch, complete with the tallest of pointy hats, the most crooked of noses and greenest of skins. Or maybe you're the king of fire, the wickedest devil, horns and all ready and raring to spook anyone who knocks at your door. Candles dotted around your room flicker and you have a creeptastic playlist on in the background. Anyone who knocks on your door is in for a true experience, right?.....Wrong. There is something missing. Scent! Picture opening the door to greet your horrifying trick or treaters and have them whafted with a fragrance such as 'Witches Brew' or 'Toasted Marshmallow'. You will surely be crowned Halloween royalty.

Have a browse of the seasonal shapes and scents and really capture the spirit of the holidays.