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Wax brittle is an extention of the wax melt. Brittle is often preferred and chosen because it eliminates the risk of it 'not fitting the melter' as you can use as little or as much as your melter will hold.

Brittle, like the wax melts, are made using a sustainable natural wax, free from soy, parabens and paraffin. With a lower melting temperature, making it a preferred type of wax for those with children and animals- though these products should always be used and stored away from children and animals.

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In the event that your chosen fragrance is sold out and i am unable to fulfil your scent request then i will automatically issue an alternative which is within the same 'type' as your initially selected scent

  • Example: if you opted for 'fresh outdoors' and this was sold out or i couldnt fulfil your order then i would automatically create your item using a scent such as 'garden dirt' or 'torrential rains'.
  • If i dont have a similar fragrance then i will send one at random which you are welcome to return should you not like it upon receipt.

You will receive information alongside your home fragrance items indiciating the safety and how to use information.

All home fragrance items are CLP compliant, for more information please read the CLP for home fragrance items section on the website