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Give your home a personality. Add the finishing touch of scent to your home and home decor with fragrance.

Encourage peace and calm with relaxing lavender as you wind down after a hard days work. 

Promote happiness with the scent of fresh florals or zesty old fashioned lemonade.

The choice is yours when it comes to creating character in your home. Take a browse at all the fragrances and see which fits with you.

There are many different types of home fragrance items out in the world now. But one of the most popular ones are wax melts. Also known as wax tarts or 'a flameless candle'.

Wax melts are small solid wax pieces which have been infused with a fragrance. These wax pieces are then put in a wax melter (you can get electric or tealight ones) and as the heat melts the wax the fragrance is released into the air.

Over time wax melts have increased in popularity and have often been favoured over the candle because of the reduced risk element.

Leaf & Lake Co uses coconut wax. Which is a natural wax. It has a lower melting temperature making it the preferred choice for those with children or animals- though these types of products should always be used and stored away from children and animals.

In the event that your chosen fragrance is sold out and i am unable to fulfil your scent request then i will automatically issue an alternative which is within the same 'type' as your initially selected scent

  • Example: if you opted for 'fresh outdoors' and this was sold out or i couldnt fulfil your order then i would automatically create your item using a scent such as 'garden dirt' or 'torrential rains'.
  • If i am unable to find a similar fragrance i will send one at random. Which you are welcome to return should you not like it when you receive it.

You will receive information alongside your home fragrance items indiciating the safety and how to use information.

All home fragrance items are CLP compliant, for more information please read the CLP for home fragrance items section on the website.