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When was the last time you walked into a store, someones home or even just out and about and smelled something nice? Like how you would pause and think "Wow, this place smells so good. What kind of fragrance is that?" That's when fragrance is at its most powerful; when it stops you in your tracks, makes you stop and focus on the moment. That is where memories have a higher chance of being made through the power of fragrance.

And that's what our products do.

The world is full of scents, and you can’t always choose which ones surround you. But at home you have all the power to choose which ones you're enveloped with.

We all want to feel good and lead a happy lifestyle. We spend our days working hard and come home exhausted and in need of some peace and relaxation. But we also want to feel good about the products we buy and how we spend our time. That's why Leaf & Lake Co encourage home fragrance as a way that can help your mind, body and soul while making your home inviting

Smell good and feel confident with the right scent in your environment. You don't need to be a perfumer to know that fragrance can make or break a room. Inhale deeply and feel that sense of peace, comfort and luxury that come with the right life fragrance. Choose from a variety of scents from aromatic, floral, fruity, herbaceous, spicy, sweet and woodsy. There is something for everyone.

To view a list of all the fragrances and a description of each then please visit the fragrance list page on the website, or click here.