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Have you ever noticed how certain scents can make your mood instantly change? Have fun on your home fragrance journey.

With these highly rated wax melts, you'll be able to experience the power of fragrance to influence your mood & create the perfect ambiance for your home. Start or add to your home fragrance collection now.

All the scent descriptions can be found here.

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Have you been scratching your head wondering

  • Where to buy wax melts?
  • Which is better? A candle or a wax melt?
  • Are a wax tart and a wax melt the same thing?
  • What wax melts are better than Yankee candle?

Well, look no further. Leaf & Lake Co can offer you all the answers you need aswell as providing you with the best wax melts and other home fragrance items around. Have a browse of all the products available and if you have any questions then just get intouch via email or the live chat button.

And to answer the above questions (because no one likes to be left hanging)

  • Buy your wax melts and other home fragrance items here.
  • It is personal preference as to which is better out of a candle or a wax melt. But i personally prefer a wax melt. I find you get stronger scent throw.
  • A wax melt and a wax tart are the exact same thing. It just depends on what you want to call them.
  • And which melts are better than Yankee candle? Mine. Not to toot my own horn but the feedback i get consistently speaks for itself. Have a browse of the reviews on google or check out the 'reviews' highlight on my instagram.