Interior Style and Scent Guide

Make it match

You have spent alot of time, money and effort putting your stamp on each room in your house. How about taking your home decor to the next level and including scent as part of the style?

Below are interior design examples with scent style recommendations to best compliment and bring out the character of your room.

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Rich Earthy, woodsy or musky notes to reflect the natural spirit of Boho. Alternatively, scents which contain notes of florals and citrus match well with the boho style.

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Nothing complex or heavy. Ideally singular type scents work best in a minimalist environment. Think eucalyptus, lemon, rose as opposed to scents like 'Lemonade & Lollipops'.

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The Rustic interior design style lends itself perfectly to heavier more homely scents. Warmer notes such as tonka bean, amber, honey are perfect. Adding in spice of cinnamon or black pepper can really work well too.

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Fresh and Light is the best approach to have your home fragrance compliment the modern style. Staying in the area of fresh, aquatic and ozonic notes is key.

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Staying within the 'natural' borders but being bold will marry the industrial style decor and scent together. Don't be afraid to try fragrances with metallic elements such as copper or quartz. Spiced notes such as black pepper and cardamom will also work well due to the masculine feel of the industrial style decor.

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Shabby Chic

Foody type scents work great with a shabby chic interior aswell as light florals, especially when kept simplistic. Sweet food notes, especially bakery type scents will always be a great option to enhance that charming, home like feel.

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If you are looking to use home fragrance in a space which boasts the beautiful natural decor approach then keep your scent choice on the calming side. Lemongrass, chamomile and bamboo are great examples. 

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Retro decor is interesting, visually appealing and oozes character. Match your fragrance by choosing playful and bold fragrances. Sweet notes in scents are ideal for retro/vintage interiors where the colour and personality of the room can handle a bold scent.

Please note that any scent type can be used in any style room. All scent interpretation is subjective. This guide is just for reference to give you suggestions on highlighting elements of your home decor style and scents that will enhance that. 

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