Welcome to the information section. The corner of the website that is filled with all the boring, but legally required, small print and other informative things that are more product specific.

Have a browse, take a peek, don't skip the terms & conditions (though you will need to confirm you have read these via a click box during order placement anyways. But I really would encourage you to read them so you understand the process of Leaf & Lake Co) and if you have any questions then have a look at the FAQ page to see if it is answered there. If not, then just get in touch.

Privacy Policy

Details of how we collect and store any data on you

GDPR Policy

We make sure we are compliant with the latest regulations.


Want to find out something that you haven't seen yet? Check out our FAQ's.

Product CLP

View all CLP for your products prior to purchasing.

Terms & Conditions

Important information to read before ordering from us!

H & S, Tips & Tricks

We put safety at the heart of our operation here at Leaf & Lake Co. 


Information about Leaf & Lake Co efforts to be more Earth kind.

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