E-Gift Voucher Information

  • E-gift vouchers are non refundable or non transferrable.
  • Discount codes, promotions and special offers cannot be applied to E-gift vouchers. Any order which is placed with a discount code on the E-Gift Voucher will have the E-Gift voucher cancelled and refunded.
  • There will be a 12 month expiry date on each E-Voucher. Start dates of each E-gift voucher code is from the date of purchase. Expiry date will be noted on the E-gift voucher.
  • Each E-gift voucher code is unique and redeemable only once.
  • E-Gift vouchers will be emailed within 12 hours of purchase. 
  • The total of each E-Gift voucher must all be used at the time of using the code. Voucher cannot be split into multiple values/purchases.
  • If no design option is selected then a non-descript design will be used.
  • Amount on E-Gift voucher will be on the emailed E-gift voucher.