Competitions & Giveaways

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General Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Leaf & Lake Co Competitions and Giveaways. Please ensure you have read all of these prior to taking part. Your entry submission will be considered that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions.

Unless otherwise stated it is to be assumed that all competitions and giveaways held and ran by Leaf & Lake Co are in no way affiliated with any other business, company, person or persons. 

Winners or any other important announcements relating to competitions or giveaways will be done via the website, email (if you submit one) or via social media (where relevant). Unfortunately the internet is rife with bots and hackers. So please be sure that if you are contacted in any way saying you have won that you are certain it is Leaf & Lake Co that is contacting you. If you are in any doubt then please contact me here and I will be able to confirm for you.