Colour Co-ordination Guide

Colours Matter

There is a psychology behind colours. Often establishments will conciously choose a colour for their interior, brand or marketing due to the psychological impact it can have on us and our emotions. Infact, colours can affect us so effectively that several ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Chinese, practiced chromotherapy, or the use of colors to heal. Chromotherapy is sometimes referred to as light therapy or colorology. 

If we take into account the impact that colours can have on our emotions and seperately consider that scent can also impact us too then you begin to see that the aura of a room holds great power. Which is why Leaf & Lake Co encourages being more mindful when chosing fragrances for your wax melts in order to get even more benefit from them. 

A quick reference guide has been created to help you learn colours and their properties along with scent note recommendations to pair with them.

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Red is associated with excitement, energy and passion. Utilize that and choose scents such as blood orange, rose, geranium and saffron will couple well.

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Clean, Fresh and simplicity. Stick to fragrances which promote the light atmosphere. Light herby notes and florals in scents will help keep the space lifted. But don't underestimate the more obscure notes in fragrances like cucumber, aloe vera and sea salt.

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A dominant colour which is considered cheerful. Harness that and use scents which promote happiness. Vanilla is a great option. But choosing florals can add alot of joy too.

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Pink can make you feel playful and can also be refreshing. Highlight the youthfulness of the colour and choose something sweet like lollipops or birthday cake. For something more fresh and uplifting while still remaining playful try strawberry, raspberry or even something effervescent like champagne.

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Calming, optimistic and motivating. Hone in on the 'natural' element of the colour and choose notes of clover, aloe vera, ginger, water lily, tarragon leaves and bamboo to blend the space well.

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Attraction, elegance and sophistication are the positive attributes of the colour black. Bergamot, black pepper, tobacco, cedarwood and other woodsy notes would help enhance the luxury of black.

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Cream gives a feel of calm and natural. Keep the air soft and feminine with coconut, soft florals like lavender, magnolia or lilac. More warmer notes in scents for a more cozy feel would be cashmere, amber and vanilla.

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Typically considered a more 'exotic' colour and associated with being creative. Choose scents which link to being focused to help draw out imagination. Citrus notes have 'focused' properties so start there.

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Blue helps create a calm and serene environment. Stick to fresh scents like cool mint or pine but don't be afraid to venture into tropical notes such as pineapple, mango, passionfruit etc. 

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This colour can make people feel joyous and energized. Aid that with notes like mandarin, vanilla, rosemary and rhubarb. 

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Warmth, comfort and security. Match brown with scent notes such as honey, cream, musk, tobacco or even sweet options like brown sugar, caramel and chocolate. Ideal for that comfort feel.

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Being a toned down version of black, grey is also linked to elegance and sophistication. But keep the scent more lighter for a grey room. Light woodsy notes, gentle spices and herbaceous notes can work well.

Maximize the time you spend at home by creating an atmosphere you want. Look at your surrounding, take into consideration the style, colour, room type, the purpose it serves and what you want it to feel like. Use these handy guides and tips to get the most benefit from your wax melts. 

Have fun, get creative and see if being more aware about your scent choices makes a difference. 

Scent and Colour interpretation is subjective. Any fragrance is suitable. This guide serves as suggestion only.