CLP Information

Here you have access to all the CLP information for all available fragrances/product types.

Please note that all CLP information has been created by trained officials using specialist software. 

It is my responsibility to ensure you have the CLP information readily available but it is your responsibility to make sure you have read and understood the information on the CLP. If you are in any doubt i advise you to opt for an alternative scent or consult a medical professional. 

I strongly encourage you to take a moment when selecting your fragrances to have a look over the accompanied CLP to ensure that you are happy with the contents and be aware of any potential allergens that may affect you. Full SDS (Safety Data Sheet) can be provided upon request if needed. Simply drop me an email and i will get it emailed over to you ASAP.


Here is some important information and questions and answers for CLP

CLP stands for Classification, Labelling and Packaging.

Yes. On 1st June 2015 the CLP regulation came into affect. Not all industries fall under the CLP umbrella. But home fragrance is one of them that does. 

CLP is required to be present on all products which are classed as a 'mixture' whereby any chemicals (when used over a certain %) are used in the final product may cause an allergic reaction or affect the environment in some way.

Much like any allergy it may present itself in a number of ways. I am not a trained medical professional so i cannot advise on what you may experience if you are allergic to a fragrance. I provide CLP on all products aswell as here on the website. It is your responsibility to ensure you have read the information thoroughly and the choice to use or not use a product/scent lies with you. I cannot be held accountable if you have an allergic reaction as i have fulfilled my legal duties in providing you will all the relevant information that you need both prior and post ordering.

Follow the advice on the CLP label and in the rare event that a severe reaction is presenting itself then i highly recommend seeking medical attention immediately. It is also highly advisable to contact me to get a copy of the SDS (Safety data sheet) emailed over to you so you can pass on the more detailed scent information and breakdown to medical professionals to help them deal with the issue swiftly. If you prefer to be prepared for such an instance then contact me as soon as you have ordered your products, asking me for SDS for all the scents in your order. That way you already have the information at hand if you need it.