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Scent Story Lavender Soap

Lavender has a distinct smell. One like no other. Once you have smelled lavender you will instantly be able to recognize it in the future. Often described as floral, light and fresh without being overwhelming it is one of the more popular and preferred floral scents out there not only for it's beautiful fragrance but for the benefits that it carries too. Lavender is a power house of a fragrance for the nervous system. Helping to calm anxiety, boost mood and promote relaxation. 

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NAME: Susan

SCENT: Lavender Soap (Especially Yardleys English Lavender soap)

SCENT STORY: Whenever I smell lavender soap I am always reminded of my great grandmother. She lived in a small terraced house which my earliest memory of it was a really dim lit place with a coal fire. It was getting updated/renovated and shortly after that was when I have memories of staying over with my grandma on weekends, which would be a repeated thing most weekends. Long before TV's had remotes and you had to get up and push one of the four channel buttons on the big boxy TV sets. We would watch game shows. The likes of 'The Generation Game', 'Stars in Your Eyes', 'Blind Date' and 'You Bet' would blare loudly from the TV as I ate my way through the many sweet treats in the cupboard. After the TV shows had finished, my grandma, my great grandmother and I would play games. Dominos, Cards or Scrabble if it wasn't too late. We would gamble with 1p's, 2p's and 5p's from the money jar. And whatever I won I was allowed to keep. I am sure they both let me win many times on purpose but at the time I was always beaming with happiness at winning games and the money. I felt rich! And on the Sunday my grandma would take me to the nearby shop in town which had a bit of everything for sale. And I would spend my winnings on crayons, sweets or something else trivial. Looking back, my grandma must have put money towards because there is no way I could have bought all I did for the pennies that I had. 

My great grandma was a very friendly, loving and warm woman. Known as 'Mother' not only by me but the rest of the family and even other residents of the town. She very much oozed that kind of nurturing nature about her. She was the kind of woman where she didn't lock her door and you could just go in, any time and you would always be welcomed with a smile and the offering of the biscuit tin. 

Amongst being this giving, loving and happy woman she always smelled of floral soap. I am not sure if her scent was a mix of soap and perfume or if it was one or the other. I never asked, it just 'was'. If she blew my nose with a handkerchief it too would be tainted with that same floral/soap smell. I loved it then and I love it now.

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As I grew older and learned what Lavender was I started to feel like the smell was comforting and familiar. It made me feel nostalgic and happy. And then one time I was washing my hands in a hotel on a 'staycation' with Lavender soap and it hit me why I felt so connected to this smell. My great grandmother. 

The soap that conjured this memory was the Yardley English Lavender soap. I remember the imprint of the brand on the bar. I wouldn't say it's exactly what my great grandmother used as there is a subtle difference. But it is the closest thing that I have found that reminds me so strongly of the FEELINGS that I had all those years ago when spending many weekends at her home having a fantastic time together. 

I am never without a bar of it in my home now. I love Lavender as a scent. But Lavender soap means something deep to me. On days where I want to feel comforted and/or reminded of my great grandma I clutch at that bar of soap and take the biggest inhale and smile. 

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