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Hi all,

Following on from the 'Wax the big deal' blog post i have since continued my research and learned a few things along the way which has caused me to re-evaluate how i handle things.

Not that there is anything bad with how i have handled things in the past when it comes to business decisions and such but having gone through this wax dilemma it has caused me to have a think about a few things both in the past and how i want to proceed in the future.

Transparency- I have always been quite the advocate on being as fully transparent as i can be with you all. For me this was in the belief that by being so open with you all and letting you in on certain (possibly privy) information would show you that i was a genuine business with nothing to hide and that there was nothing untoward going on and as such establish a high level of trust. Recent contemplation has made me realise that i don't need to 'air all' in order to establish trust with you. Alot if not most businesses don't adopt a full transparency motto and i've come to learn that there is no need to be so transparent about EVERYTHING in my business. Not only is some of the information possibly uninteresting to you but it risks divulging my processes, tips & tricks which i have worked so hard to perfect. In future i plan on keeping more information more closesly guarded and not showcasing every last detail. Of course i will still update on important things but the airing of everything behind the scenes and in my mind about my business will be cut back drastically.

Surrendering power- I was under the impression that letting my supporters make decisions for my business and the direction it goes in was me listening to what customers wanted and giving it to them. I appreciate peoples feedback and input but i have found myself feeling stressed out when i get minimal or no input. I have developed making myself feel like i will make the wrong decision and then everyone will hate me/my business if i am left to make the decision solo or with such few feedback from others. This isn't healthy and i KNOW i am capable of making wise, educated and important decisions for my business. I have done it in the past, several times. And i think eliminating surrendering so much power is the answer to me regaining self confidence in my business, the decision making and the direction it goes in. Moving forward i will not be putting responsibility onto my supporters/customers to determine the direction of my business or make decisions which i know i am capable of making solo.


Wax Dilemma

To briefly update on the wax issue.It's still an ongoing process for me to find what is going to work best for Leaf & Lake Co (in a number of ways) But, you can be assured that whatever i do will have been done with thorough contemplation of a variety of points.

As of right now i am going to trial using a coconut wax.

It is natural, sustainable, bio-degradable. Doesn't contain paraffin, soy or palm and it doesn't contribute towards deforestation. I feel switching to coconut wax is almost a no-brainer when it comes to environmental benefits. However, i am only trialing at the moment to make sure it brings everything i want it to for my products and not just the environment. As it is costly i may need to consider a price increase across my products but that is yet to be determined.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about anything then just get intouch

Have a lovely day

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