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So, it has been a good while now since i posted a blog and quite frankly, i have missed it! 

Theres a million and one reasons why i haven't been able to churn out blog posts and the main reason is that as much as i can write in lengths to give 'War & Peace' a run for it's money i'm just not that well rehearsed on blog writing. I mean, what is or isn't interesting to you? What do you care about? The same things as me? I mean, we're all human so it would make sense i could relate to you on some level, right? But for some unknown reason when i sit down or try plan to write a blog my mind just goes blank and i feel no matter what i have to say it isn't going to be interesting to anyone other than me. But, with that being said i do enjoy getting to create mini essays for you. Fun fact, when i was younger i considered being a writer. I seem to have a natural talent for waffling on (via text only. Oddly, in person i am super super quiet) but struggle with determining what others want to actually read about. But you have to keep at it, right? So here i am, trying again and i thought i would start of small to ease myself back into blog writing. 


A Little Back Story

Recently i came across a woman named Pamela. And just out of no where, right when i needed her most yet also didn't know i needed her at all seemed to swoop in and hand me lots of tips, advice, tools, support and encouragment that i can use to build my business not only visually but also more behind the scenes.

Pamelas business 'Worsley Creative Services' focuses on enhancing online visibility and generally helping us 'little folk' compete with the more established companies out there. And if there's one thing i have learned it's that the elusive number 1 spot on Google search results is up for grabs to anyone who is willing to put in the time and work needed. 

I won't go into all that i have learned and continue to learn with SEO- Beautiful as it's a constant ever changing journey. But what i do want to talk about is one of the more noticeable changes that i have implemented within my business. And that is branding and explain a little about my choices.

My Branding Through Time

2013 was when i set up shop and even back then i knew i wanted my very own logo. Something my business could be identifiable by. I was new to self employment and didn't really put too much thought into what i wanted my logo to be like. The brief i gave the logo designer was 'I like old vintage shop signs and want a bird included'. And he came back with this. Which at the time i was in love with. And was for many years. It lasted me a good 5 years but i knew that once i had gotten a spark ignited under me after joining Pamelas programme that i needed to essentially start a fresh and this logo had ran it's course for me. And so came the next logo.

logo with words opaque

After doing some research into logo designers i decided that maybe the idea that i had for a new logo was something that i could create myself. Since i had acquired some fair editing software skills over the recent years and besides, the idea in my mind wasn't that complex. I was confident i could pull it off. In my mind i liked the idea of blush tones with a boho feel, it's what is trending these days. And so with that as 'the plan' i went ahead and designed my new logo and was happy with it. So much so i went ahead and done a bit of an overhaul on my website as a whole so that my new branding was throughout. I was pleased with the final result. It looked good. Until one day something just seemed to click in my mind after seeing a branding theme board that Pamela has composed for one of her clients. And all of a sudden, my fresh and fancy new logo and branding wasn't so great to me anymore. I couldn't shift the idea that maybe i had missed the mark with what my branding should be and started thinking i should re-brand again. But panicked that it would be too soon to do that since i had only done it a few weeks prior. But, just like ripping off a bandaid i thought if i were to do it then to just go ahead and do it quickly. And that is exactly what i have done. 

My Branding Mood Board

I introduce to you my new (and hopefully long lasting this time) branding/theme for Silent Songbird Boutique.

lake district theming

I am fortunate enough to live in the scenic Lake District, UK. My surroundings are full of some of Mother Natures best work. And during my 'lightbulb moment' it just seemed to make sense that i should incorperate that through my branding. 

On a personal level, i adore nature. Especially forests. Lakes are pretty awesome too and we have some amazing bodies of water here. But i am definitely a forest kind of woman. The vibrant greenery and that smell of fresh damp mud mixed with the distant cracking of branches and echoing sounds of birds singing is so relaxing. I find so much peace and calmness in being in nature. So incorperating the colour palette and some texture of this magnificent place is my way of linking my passion (my business) to my pleasure (my home location).

I selected a few shades which i felt encompassed the Lake District well. The green tones for the leaves, the rich brown for the woods, the fresh blue for the waters and the white for the clouds. Together, as i hope you will agree, they make for a very pleasing colour palette. I have further enhanced the nature aspect on my website with adding texture imagery. Which i am considering rotating with the seasons, but that is just a thought at the moment. 

My logo has remained the same as before. With the exception of the feather, which i have removed. I feel keeping the logo simple and monochrome will balance against the many colours and textures on both the site and my actual products well. 

Whilst the blush boho theme was nice. I just didn't think it was 'me'. And as much as those blush tones are popular at the moment i didn't want to blend with the masses and did have concerns that it would become outdated. And although choosing the colours of nature to inspire my business branding may be seen as a bit risky i think it is one worth taking.

What do you think of my new branding/theme?

Which did you prefer?


Let me know in the comments some feedback on my new branding/theme and the website as a whole. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to the end of this blog post. I know it has been a bit lengthy and quite possibly not the most riveting of topics. But i felt it necessary to explain in a little detail why there has been some changes in quick succession recently.

Until next time

Anita x

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