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Hi all,

It has been a while since i last posted here in the blog and i hope that this recent post finds you all in good health and high spirits.

I wanted to compose this post as a way to group together all the upcoming changes to Silent Songbird Boutique. I will try to keep this as short as possible for convenience but please be mindful that i have a tendency to waffle on (which i think i mention in every blog post that i do do, ha)

There WILL be price rises to some products (detailed below) and the p&p prices are also getting an increase (i apologize for this, and i HATE increasing shipping because quite frankly it is ridiculous how much the cost of postage is these days. But please note i keep my prices as low as i possibly can with only a few extra pence ontop of the actual postage price to account for SOME, not all, of the packaging cost)

Price increases to products (still under review, figures shown are estimated)

Home fragrance items

  • Wax brittle (all sizes) increasing by 10p
  • Wax Melts (all sizes) increasing by 10p
  • Snap Bars increasing by 10p

Price increase to postage

  • Papercut items increasing to £2.90 1st class rec
  • All other parcels (depending on weight) increasing to £4.75 1st class rec, £4.20 2nd class rec

As always prices are subject to change without warning but i will always try keep costs as low as i possibly can.

Next up is some new legislation that is set to come into effect in 2020. And while it wont necessarily affect you per say it MAY slightly change how things are done here with regards to home fragrance items.

A few years ago there was a shake up in the labelling world which required many items on the market to be labelled according to some guidelines. Now known as CLP (the hideously large and dull labels that i have to plaster on all my items). Well, this was to assist the public identify the chemical components in their products aswell as providing information to the relevant people if necessary (in the even of an allergic reaction for example). Well, it seems that the need to further implement a more organized method has been conjured up. 

By 2020 my home fragrance items will hold a unique number which has been generated using an online programme from the information i put in regarding the ingredients used in my products. So, in the event that anything should arise (allergic reaction for example) then medical professionals can use the unique code on an online programme to identify the product ingredients.

The reason it may affect how i do things is because the number generated is unique to a certain product type. Which means that i am unable to change any aspect about that product else it would require another unique number to be generated and applied. As such it seems that i am going to have to have a set way about how my products are made. At present i make to order. The colours/glitters etc are used at random at the time of making. With the new way that is coming into force i am going to have to keep product consistency in terms of visually. Here is an example of how things are now compared to how things are set to be

Example Now

Order 1- Blue Raspberry Slushie wax melt- blue marbelling with red glitter

Order 2-  Blue Raspberry Slushie wax melt- White with pink marbelling and blue stars glitter

Example Future

All Blue raspberry slushie wax melts will have to be the same visually. So all will have to be as i decide (White with Blue marbelling and teal glitter)

Which means that i will either have to make in advance so that all the products are consistent or make to order (to retain a fresher appearence, as using natural wax can sometimes cause the colours to fade over time if not used due to the wax trying to trun back to its natural state) and just add the same colour/glitter etc from record keeping. 


Sadly, there is the possibility that this new legislation may result in me having to cease making home fragrance items. Not by choice i might add as i LOVE making them for you. But at present the online programme and portal appear to be set to be free to use. However, if this changes (as beauty products have a fee attached to them) to match the beauty industry method then i will not be able to continue making them as quite honestly i wont be able to afford the fees. I simply do not generate enough income from Silent Songbird Boutique to cover any additional costs. I am just and so making my website and insurance costs and that is not from income from Silent Songbird Boutique. And the reality is that unless my income increases here then i cannot commit to providing home fragrance items when the new legislation comes in. Which gives me 9 months or so. 

I will keep you updated as much as possible on this but don't want to overload you with the dull things. I have always been transparent with you all about my business, even when i am struggling. And for that i hope you stick with me and see that i am trying my hardest for you all, and myself, whilst letting the reality be known.

If you have made it to the end of this, then here's a little code to use for an order over £15....quote '2020' for a freebie in your order (valid one per customer to end of April)

Many thanks for your time

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