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Hi all *waves*,

I'm going to assume that if your email inbox has been anything like mine then you have been flooded with emails from businesses regarding their updated privacy policy and new GDPR. 

Since i don't do newsletters (and thank goodness too as that would mean a whole other thing for this new GDPR implementation in my business) i thought i would compose and share with you all a quick blog post linking you to Silent Songbird Boutiques new GDPR/Privacy policy.

Naturally i advise that you have a read through all the updated information to make sure that it is something that you agree to. I'm open to questions etc so feel free to ask if you have any.

In short, a new regulation has came into effect as of May 2018 regarding your information which is processed/held by businesses. 

We have to, in simple terms outline what information we have access to of yours, what information we hold, what we do with it, how it is processed and protected and such forth. 

You have a right to become a 'forgotten person' if you so wish. How to do that is linked here in the updated GDPR page.

I will say that my business hasnt been affected too much by this implementation because following the guidelines etc i was already compliant anyways, i just needed to have a dedicated GDPR section on the website explaining things in a clear manner. Aswell as offering the 'forgotten person' option.

I hope this update finds you all well and i'm sorry it's a bit of a bore of an update but this seemed the mose convenient way to update everyone.

Until nextime, take care

*flaps away*

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