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Although applicable the rest of the year too around christmas time there always seems to be a spike in the amount of home fragrance products are out there. Especially candles (which i no longer make as i didn't get alot of satisfaction out of making them, and they're tedious!). 

At this point i would like to clearly state that i have NEVER had any issues with regards to my home fragrance items being the cause of any incidents. And hopfully it remains that way! (though i did have someone once try to claim an incident was my fault....and after investigation it was apparent that fault lay with the user whom went against the safety advice given by me- in several aspects- on how to properly use my product which sadly resulted in them having a mini fire)

More and more i (and other home fragrance product businesses/makers) are seeing posts online where there has been incidents occuring. Such as Aldi candle explodes 

There are also numerous online tutorials on how to make your own candles and melts by recycling nearly used candles and melts and essentially shoving them all in a pan, melting them down and then making a new candle in a different container. Whilst the idea of this is good sadly more often than not the advised process is unsafe and the end product also unsafe. From the method used to melt the wax to the fact that the candle wick size (there are many and there arent universal) is very rarely mentioned (and is a big factor in safety). In addition mixing the different waxes/products together is a danger in and of itself. So PLEASE, if you want to make your own candles/melts then please do some research before hand to make sure you are making a safe product.

Another common theme of products on the market are ones that look like food. These are illegal (in the UK/Europe) UNLESS you pay for a testing house to approve them and this is highly priced and certainly something that most small independent businesses couldnt afford. Whilst these food like creations are certainly beautifully made sadly they are a safety risk, in a number of ways so please be wary or atleast mindful of business that make/sell items that look like food. If they are ignoring the law on this aspect then what else arent they doing correctly?...

I know i have mentioned this several times before but CLP is also a legal requirement for home fragrance products (and many other products on the market too). Sadly ALOT of businesses, including big chain businesses, seem to not be adopting the new law and just ignoring it. Me being me i can't do this, im too much of a worry wart to simply ignore the law. It took me a long time to go through the CLP information and want was required by me (which is alot, and it's VERY strict) but i knew it was something i HAD to do by law and not only that but if i didnt and an incident ever did arise with one of my products then my insurance would be void because i hadnt adhered to the laws. So it's just not worth it for me to take the risk and not comply. But for many (ALOT) they have a more relaxed approach and dont seem to mind putting out products that represent them and their business that skip the laws that are in place to protect YOU. If they are bypassing the law then what else are they cutting corners on? 

I guess what im saying is PLEASE be careful where you purchase from. PLEASE make sure that the product you are buying is safe and from a business that you believe to be professional and stringent with home fragrance items as they really shouldnt be played around with. Not when they can cause such devistation. 

The chances of wax melts causing a fire are really really low, due to the fact they are flameless. I have yet to come across an incident whereby the melt is the causing factor in the fire/incident. It is usually accompanying components or sadly incorrect usage. 

I display all the safety and information on my website for the home fragrance products that i make and i also send it out along side all home fragrance items too. Whilst i do everything in my power to advise on the product and how it should be used it is ultimatley down to the user on how it is used. 

This christmas, and all the rest of the year PLEASE be careful when using home fragrance items, especialy candles! No one wants a fire to happen and certainly no one wants any injury to occur, or worse. 

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season and if you have any questions etc about home fragrance items then please do just get intouch. 





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