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I have been doing papercutting for a couple years now and its one of those crafts that you get a great sense of accomplishment with every piece that you finish.

Sure it can be testing! Especially if youve put in hours of time and effort for the blade to slip that little bit too far and ruin everything. This has happened to me countless times but its never deterred me from continuing on with the craft.

If youre like me and suffer from anxiety then this is a FANTASTIC craft to try. Why not set up your own business with it? Earn some extra income? 

You dont have to have a degree in graphic design or be an artist to make templates as there are some great templates online to purchase.

I decided recently to extend my papercut art section of the website to supplying templates to others. Most come with the option of both a personal use license or a commercial use license if you wish to sell your completed papercuts. 

At the moment i have a 'BUY ONE GOT ONE FREE' offer on 4 newly added designs (some of which i havent even done a paprcut of myself yet). 

To get started in papercutting all you need is

- A cutting mat (self healing is best over glass)

- A Scalpel/Craft knife with a fine point blade

- Paper and Printer

You will receive an email with your purchased template/s as a digital download. So you can print them off and begin cutting immediatley. 

All the t&c of the templates and licenses are explained within the product information section and the papercut art template section. But im open to any questions etc you may have. 

Currently priced at £6 per template (personal use license) these are super affordable and cheap. Commercial use license prices are currently at £10, still super cheap and allows you to cut 100 papercuts in this design. Just think, if you sold a completed papercut for £20 then you could make up to £2000!! If you make one sale from the papercut youve already doubled the cost it was to purchase the template making it an instant success. 

I would ADORE to see my designs transformed into papercuts (from people other than myself) which is why i am have instantly offered a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on the first 4 designs i have on the website, to celebrate the launch.


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