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Hi all,

There is something which i want to address. Nothing too major, not really. But it is something which i feel could have a slight negative impact when people choose to purchase from me.

I have always been an avid fan of presenting my parcels in such a way that adds a little something extra to the customers experience. Finishing touches, although small, can often be one of the biggest impacts that a business can make on a customer.

For example- including sweets with orders, having pretty packaging.

It can truly make a difference.

If you have purcased from me in the past then you may remember that i used to wrap my orders up relativley nice (im not the best at wrapping awkward shaped items so sometimes it was a little 'messy' looking, but the thought was there none the less). I used to wrap the product in bubble wrap, wrap that in tissue paper (colour co-ordinating with my business colours red, white and turquoise), wrap some twine around it and add a logo sticker. I would also include a little pack of sweets as an extra treat.

Now, those who have ordered recently may have noticed the lack of tissue paper and twine. In its place is just bubble wrap (and still the packet of sweets and in some lucky random orders a scratch off card with a little prize for you). There is a reason for this, and its just plain old cost. The cost of the materials has increased and at the moment i am unable to spend the money on tissue paper when i now have the addition of website fees (since ive now moved sites and gotten a better domain name). I know you dont need to know all the ins and outs but i didnt want you to think that im letting things slip out of 'not caring'. Because i do care, very much. I wince inside with EVERY parcel i package up in just bubble wrap. Worrying that whomever receives it is going to frown and/or get a negative impression of my product/business/me because their order wasnt anything fancy.

I have always been complimented on my packaging and told that it was nice to get something with a little effort put into every aspect. And now, its just bubble wrap. Which naturally will recind some peoples opinions. But again, i can assure you its not because i WANT to send out items looking less glamarous then they used to. Its because ive had to prioratise things a bit since getting the website and i think having a smoother functioning website for you all is much more important than tissue paper and twine, which would undoubtedly end up in a bin somewhere.

Maybe in time i will be able to return to offering pretty packaging. I hope so. But if not then please do know that im not at all thrilled with just sending out bubble wrapped items.

Perhaps i am ovethinking and over worrying (the joys of anxiety) but i just wanted to put it out there incase anyone did notice (or care).

Until next time....



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