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So, its been a little over a week since the launch of the new website. I hope that those who have used it to place orders or siply just browsed have found it to be much more smoother and user friendly to navigate and/or place orders.

As some may know, depending on where you follow Silent Songbird Boutique and/or who else you may follow online (bloggers/celebrities etc) there have been discount codes for you to use. Including two right here on the website. One for the launch and one for guestbook entries.

I will say that from my end of things it seems that the website is much more welcomed by you all as i have had several orders without any glitches/problems etc. So yippee for that.

The only aspect which may affect customers is if you are purchasing a home fragrance items and you select a scent which is showing as in stock but is actually out of stock. I aim to update the list as soon as i can, but if there are several orders coming in at once then there could potentially be a slight issue. I will always delogate the scents to those that order them first. I do have a stock control setting listed on each item, so the website DOES take that into account and adjusts accordingly as orders are placed. The problem is that it doesnt automatically update other home fragrace items which also have that same scent option available.

For example

If i have the scent 'Fairy Dust' but only have enough for 3 deluxe melts OR 1 50g Deluxe brittle then i manually have the stock levels set as such for each item (3 deluxe melts under the deluxe melt section and 1 50g deluxe brittle under the brittle section). Now, say someone purchases 2 deluxe melts in 'Fairy Dust', the stock levels will automatically reduce on the website to 1 deluxe melt available. But the deluxe wax brittle will still remain as 1 50g deluxe brittle available for 'Fairy Dust', which would be inacurrate since the scent level has reduced due to 2 deluxe melts being made from the scent. So i therefore have to manually adjust the wax brittle section, and any other section it may affect in order to reflect the current status of 'Fairy Dust'. So in some circumstances, primarily when there are a few orders being placed around the same time, i am sometimes going to have a case whereby the scent someone has selected wont be available anymore due to an order which was placed before theirs taking the remainder of the fragrance.

I have stated on the website that in cases like this i would automatically send out an alternative scent. Hopefully one that is similar to the one originally selected. If not then i would refund that particular item if i couldnt find a suitable alternative.

So far, that seems to be the only issue which both you and i may be faced with. But everything else seems to be fine and dandy.

The launch discount code 'NEWNEST' for 10% off your order (usuable only once) expires at the end of April. So be sure to use it while you can.

Until next time

Take care


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