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  1. Scent Story: Hay

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    Scent Story Hay

    Hay, a light sweetness and subtle grass type fragrance with warm Earth and a slight dusty smell to it.

    hay bales

    NAME: Emma

    SCENT: Hay

    SCENT STORY: I consider myself fortunate to have been raised on a farm up until the age of 15. I have a strong affiliation to the unmistakable smell of hay. During Summer my siblings and I would head out onto the fields and sit atop the large, cylindrical freshly baled hay in the sun and watch on as farmers would chug up and down the fields in their powerful machines bailing hay. 

    The smell of fresh hay is my favourite Summer scent and always takes me to happy places where I can relive those fond memories shared with my siblings. 

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  2. Scent Story: Coconut

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    Scent Story Coconut

    The smell of Coconut comes primarily from the white part. It's light, creamy notes are soothing and exotic with hints of sweetness. Usually amped up a few notches when used in products like sun cream, body butters and home fragrance.

    rolling pin

    NAME: Heather

    SCENT: Coconut. Namely dessicated coconut/baked goods coconut.

    SCENT STORY: Anything coconut I am all over. Whether it be a shower gel, body spray or of course the best kind, cake/desserts. When I was in infants school we had a lesson where we got divided into groups, each assigned the task of making a bunch of truffles. The idea being that at the end we would each be able to make up a mini assorted truffle box to give to our mums for a Mothers Day gift. I was assigned to the chocolate coconut truffle team. I don't recall much about the process at the time other than seeing lots and lots of dessicated coconut everywhere. I have no recollection of the actual truffle making itself, just the decorating with the dessicated coconut part. And ultimately getting to eat some 'left overs'. 

    I recall developing a love of baking as a result of that lesson. Although never tried to make Chocolate coconut truffles for many many years later. My family and I were big on doing activities together as I was growing up. And each week we would take it in turns deciding what activity we would do that Sunday. My dad is quite adventurous and outdoorsy so he could almost be guaranteed to be dragging the entire family out in all weathers to go on a walk and have a picnic or a pub lunch some place. My mum is quite a creative and crafty person who never likes to waste things. She is also quite frugal and would always find ways to make/do something herself if it meant saving a little bit of money. And so she would often make us all band together to make soap, rag rugs, counter top cleaner etc. I remember alot of complaining on those days from my dad, sister and I. But mum loved it. My sister would normally choose a board game or to watch a movie. And me, I would always choose baking. Mum loved that too and would often make jam at the same time. 

    Throughout my educational years I kept up with having a passion for baking. Taking it as one of my chosen subjects at school too. I had a subscription which my grandma paid for which sent me new recipes and baking tool every fortnight. I loved it! And still have the files of recipes even now. 

    coconut sprinkling

    I am middle aged now. With a daughter of my own whom thankfully shares the same passion I do for baking. Although she really enjoys cooking too. It was when I had my daughter and she was of a young age that I had the idea of once again making Chocolate Coconut Truffles. It was tremendously nostalgic for me. And I love that it seemed to trigger her passion for baking too, the same as it did for me. Perhaps quite spooky in a way! 

    Coconut just does something for me. It makes me feel comforted, calm and seems to repeatedly reignite my love for baking each and every time. 

    For anyone interested in giving Chocolate Coconut Truffles a go, try this recipe. It is the one that I stumbled across and always use now. 

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