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  1. Hi all *waves*,

    I'm going to assume that if your email inbox has been anything like mine then you have been flooded with emails from businesses regarding their updated privacy policy and new GDPR. 

    Since i don't do newsletters (and thank goodness too as that would mean a whole other thing for this new GDPR implementation in my business) i thought i would compose and share with you all a quick blog post linking you to Silent Songbird Boutiques new GDPR/Privacy policy.

    Naturally i advise that you have a read through all the updated information to make sure that it is something that you agree to. I'm open to questions etc so feel free to ask if you have any.

    In short, a new regulation has came into effect as of May 2018 regarding your information which is processed/held by businesses. 

    We have to, in simple terms outline what information we have access to of yours, what information we hold, what we do with it, how it is processed and protected and such forth. 

    You have a right to become a 'forgotten person' if you so wish. How to do that is linked here in the updated GDPR page.

    I will say that my business hasnt been affected too much by this implementation because following the guidelines etc i was already compliant anyways, i just needed to have a dedicated GDPR section on the website explaining things in a clear manner. Aswell as offering the 'forgotten person' option.

    I hope this update finds you all well and i'm sorry it's a bit of a bore of an update but this seemed the mose convenient way to update everyone.

    Until nextime, take care

    *flaps away*

  2. Hi all, so i THINK this may be my first blog post of 2018. If so then HI HELLO THERE and i hope your year has been going smoothly and positive.

    I just wanted to do a quick blog post about Valentines Day, which as i type this is only a couple weeks away. 

    You know i always strive to be able to bring you new fragrances, especially around events throughout the year...such as halloween, christmas, etc aswell as trying to accomodate the changing seasons. Sadly more often than not i fail to be able to keep up. No sooner has one event been and gone that another one is just around the corner. And as much as i would adore to be able to bring new scents in time for these occasions i'm just not able to do every single one. And it pains me, as i love new fragrances just as much as you all do...believe me! 

    I have tried to plan accordingly so that i can be prepared for upcoming occasions but without sales im just not able to fully bring to you all the things i would like to for each holiday and occasion. Simply put, without sales i dont have the funds to purchase the 'themed'/'seasonal' supplies (fragrances etc). 

    The home fragrance industry is saturated with businesses, both big and small. And i, amongst many others, get swamped and lost amongst it all. I do what i can with what i have within my capabilities to be able to be the best i can be and bring you the best products i can without stepping on other peoples toes (such as bringing copyright protected items which would undoubtedly sell like a dream..such as harry potter themed items, or disney etc) and abiding by all the laws and legislations (which is strict!). I try not to compare myself to other businesses but sometimes it is dishearteneing when you feel like your best just isnt good enough and other businesses (great for them may i not a sore or bitter 'loser' and wish everyone well...afterall we are trying to get somewhere in life).

    So with that being said i would like to apologise in advance but i wont be able to bring you any new/themed fragrances for Valentines day. I will try to think of an alternative solution to offer you all...maybe a discount code? 

    I know it's a long shot as there are alot more business out there that will bring alot of valentines themed items for you all but please try to remember little old me eagerly awaiting to fulfil your home fragrance needs.

    Much love this Valentines day and all the rest of the year.

    As always, any comments, questions or concerns then just get intouch.