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  1. I am finally getting to sit down and compose a blog post on the importance of trying to shop with smaller businesses. Both online and on your streets. 

    It is beyond explainable just how difficult it is for small businesses to get a footing in the door enough to be able to have their little business be successful enough that they dont have to have a 'normal' 9-5 job and generate income enough to afford them to live solely doing what they love and having a small business.

    I do not have a normal 9-5 job in addition to my little business. Sadly i have not been fortunate enough to get my business up to the level it would need to be in order for it to be something i could live off and just like everyone else i feel financial pressures, especially around this time of year.

    Shopping online or on the highstreet at big chain stores who can and do offer large seasonal discounts and black friday deals etc is something that is undoubtedly tempting for everyone to take advantage of. And im not suggesting that you dont but what i am asking is that you consider taking a look at small businesses too. Alongside the bigger companies. Take a minute or two and pop online and have a look around all the smaller shops out there because believe me there are alot of us and we are all desperate for your custom. And i dont mean just for financial reason but for example with myself i find that my business and being creative helps my anxiety a considerable amount. When i have customers and orders it keeps me going and distracts my mind and allows me to have some respite from it. When i dont have customers and orders i find my anxiety levels rise...or are more noticable shall i say because i dont have anything to refocus my mind elsewhere. My anxiety is a whole other thing which i wont bore you with here but my point is that handcrafting businesses and small businesses as a whole are desperate to be seen and desperate for you to shop at. 

    Promotion can help, but from personal experience in a world of social media it isnt often enough to get seen with simple traditional ad promotion. Nowadays it is more celebrity based promotion and when i looked into the cost of this some time ago to get ONE tweet from a kardashian it was going to cost £250,000. The cheapest i was offered with a certain agency was £2000 for ONE tweet from a fitness instructor (whom i had never heard of before). Naturally i declined as a fitness instructor tweeting about my home fragrance items wouldnt exactly reach my target audience. But my point being that it costs ALOT to get promotion that is going to be remotely seen. 

    Please this year and all the rest of the year please take time to browse a smaller business. Give it a like on facebook, a heart on instagram or a share of their website. The costs at a smaller independent business are generally higher than the chain stores because the items arent mass produced in a factory and then imported cheap for sale. Please bear in mind that when you shop small you allow someone to continue doing something they love. You contribute considerably to their peace of mind. You allow someone to pay bills, take part in the festivities of christmas by allowing them the ability to afford presents for friends and family. Words cannot explain the gratitude from a small business owner when you choose to shop with them. 

    If you choose to shop with me this year then please use the code 'SHOPSMALL' at checkout and you will get a 10% discount on your order.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

  2. I thought i would compose a blog post to explain in detail an ongoing issue surrounding the wax in the products im using.

    I always have used soy wax. I will do everything in my power to remain on soy wax. 

    Around 12 months ago, maybe slightly less it was announced that a popular brand of soy wax would be discontinuing their line to release a better soy wax product. This envoked a panic situation amongst the wax community. People panic bought and stocked up. Others didnt and believed that the new wax would be released on the market in plenty time before their 'old' soy wax was off the market completley. I was a bit 'in the middle'. I didnt panic buy, as i couldnt afford to (suppliers 'kindly' hiked up the prices considerably, cashing in on peoples panic) but i definitley wasnt in the belief that the new product would be on the market in time for when my existing stock ran out. So i kind of approached it that i would try an alternative soy wax brand and see how i got on.

    This is what i done. I used up my existing soy wax stock and transferred to another soy wax brand. This has been the wax that i have been using for the past 3-6 months and its also the wax that im not 100% happy with as it just doesnt perform as well as what i would expect, like or what both i and you are used to. This is unacceptable to me. I want to bring you the best product i can. So with that being said i have recently purchased a sample size of two other soy wax brands to try. 

    You may be familiar with my recent post on social media asking if you would be opposed to wax 'frosting' (when the wax tries to return to its natural state but cannot due to the fragrance oil and colouring and so has sporadic frosting like appearence to the wax- and example of which is on my facebook page) if it meant that the scent throw was better than what you had currently been receiving (from the wax that i havent been 100% happy with and have been looking to change) OR would you prefer to remain with a lesser scent throw if it mean the wax melt didnt have any 'frosting'. The consensus from this question was that the scent was the important thing and if it meant the wax displayed 'frosting' in areas then this would be ok. 

    Regardless of the fact that you all said it would be 'ok' if there was 'frosting' as the maker its not ideal and still a gripe i would have. But i would be willing to tolerate it until the release of the new soy wax. So in effect the 'frosting' wax would be a temporary wax. 

    This was my plan. As i have been testing the 'frosting' wax and the scent throw HAS been significantly better than the wax i have been using. As of yesterday i had decided that i would be switching waxes and using the wax that 'frosted' until i could get the new soy wax. 

    Today i have tested another wax. Which has reportedly got great reviews on both scent throw AND appearance with resistancy to 'frosting'. This was the first time in weeks, possibly months that i have gotten a vocal 'Mmm, whats that your burning?' from my mother in law (and she currently has a blocked nose). THIS was the moment that i decided that THIS was the wax that i am switching to. Not only does it look clean and have no frosting but clearly the scent throw is exceptional. With my husband also commenting that it can be smelled from all the way downstairs! I have yet to test another few melts in this wax to see if the results are consistent but so far things are looking good for this wax.

    In relation to the unreleased wax that everyone has been waiting for there are samples being released to vendors to review and i have read a couple reviews on the wax and all are singing its praises. I will of course have to find out for myself when the time comes what its like but from what i know now it can hold a higher fragrance load (which will mean stronger smelling melts and brittle that last longer). The downside to this factor would of course mean a raise in price. 

    I know i said in my social media post that if i transfered over to the wax that i am testing today (the non frosting one that has great scent throw) that i would probably have to raise my price some as the cost of the wax is more expensive than what ive been used to. BUT for the time being im going to leave the prices as they are and then re-evaluate things when the new soy wax is released to save on too much change over a short period of time.

    The new wax is scheduled to be released in approx 10-12 weeks. Though this isnt gospel as there have been numerous times the date has been pushed back. 

    Please bear with me over the coming weeks/months as i go down this road.