Ambiance Fragrance Guide

What's Your vibe?

Ambiance is describes as the character and atmosphere of a space. 

And from time to time we may want a certain 'feel' for our home. We are all used to creating ambiance at home already. Think when it is Autumn time and the nights are dark, stormy and cold and we light a fire, dim the lights and hunker down under a cozy blanket to watch a film. That is creating ambiance. Or if we want to unwind after a stressful week so we light candles and take a long hot soak in the bath with bubbles. That is creating ambiance.

What's fun is that you can also further create the atmosphere you want by using fragrance to help enhance the vibe you are wanting.

Check out this handy guide for ideas on how you can influence the ambiance to a situation.

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Using wax melts that are calming and comforting is key. The tranquility of lavendar or the soothing notes of vanilla would be ideal to get an ambiance fit for a casual occasion such as having friends over.

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You don't want to have something that is overly heavy. So lay off the musks and sweetness if you are looking to to scent a more formal situation like a meeting. Wax melts with citrus notes to promote focus and uplifting would be ideal.

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Warm, inviting and comfort is the aim for creating a cozy atmosphere. Heavier scents are made for being cozy. Luscious vanilla or thick musks are beautiful scent notes for creating a cozy space.

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Romance is sweet, delicate and pretty. So enhance that ambiance with using scents with sweet sugary notes, creamy cocoa etc. Feminine florals also work well, especially rose. Opting for a playful and thematic wax melt could be perfect too. 

There is always a degree of subjectivity when it comes to interpretation of fragrances. Therfore this serves as just a guide for your consideration. 

Have a think about the ambiance you want to create, check the fragrance list and see if there are any on there that you feel would be a good match for your situation. This guide is intended to get you thinking about the scent types you use and how you could maybe use them in more ways than just for making your home smell great.