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Hi - I'm Anita!

If you have stumbled across this part of the website then a big 'Hi, Hello there' to you. 

That's me in the photo. I adore make up (as you can tell less is certainly not more in my case). I am a huge animal lover, vegatarian, anti-captivity supporter and Titanic obsessive. I am fortunate to live in the scenic Lake District, Cumbria, UK where i share a home with my husband and pets. My naturistic surroundings are something i cherish, seek calmness in and thoroughly appreciate and it was important for me to incorporate that into my branding in a simplistic manner. I, like alot of the world, suffer from Mental Health issues (anxiety, PTSD, depression) and am a big believer in not suffering in silence. Speak about it, end the stigma. I am always available for anyone to talk to. Drop me an email if you need someone to talk to. You are not alone, you are full of worth and i care. 

Anita x


Having always had a passion for fragrances and finding peace in being creative it almost came naturally to me to turn that into a business. And in 2013 I took the leap and 'set up shop' and have been going ever since. With positive feedback from all around the UK, those who have tried my products rate them better than worldwide leading companies who specialise in home fragrance too. Although I have every faith and belief in my ability to provide one of the best wax melt products on the market it is always great to get that confirmation from others. And my 5 star rating on Google aswell as the increasing reviews across social media are very warming.

One of my priorities is to always ensure that my business and products are legally compliant. This involves extensive research and testing. I have always and will always make it a paramount point that my products do not fail to meet your expectations. This is why I source and use premium ingredients which are animal cruelty free aswell as being environmentally aware and make decisions through extensive research, where possible and using recyclable/bio-degradable packaging. 

I have been fortunate enough to have had a small selection of TV personalities use my products and was featured in my local newspaper after a WWE womans wrestler posted about my wax melts on her instagram. I like to think that everyone across all walks of life could enjoy my fragrance products. And in the era of Hinching I think now more than ever! With people who have discovered and continue to discover Mrs. Hinch and the world of cleaning products and a pristine home i feel there is no better place for my home fragrance products than in the homes of people like myself and i wouldn't want it any other way. 

My passion lies with creating the best home fragrance product i can and making it affordable for everyone. Sometimes it pays to shop small and stay away from 'buying a name'. As a brief comparison to one very well established USA company my standard melts alone are not only larger, they are cheaper. Additionally they are made using a natural wax, cruelty free fragrance oil and colouring and last significantly longer with an outstanding performance reported remarkably better also. 

If you don't believe me, then believe everyone else and try for yourself. Use the 'NEWBIE' code for a 10% discount off your first order.

Anita x

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